All Lanes Of Lilac Evening — Siavash Amini & Saåad (Opal Tapes, 2020)

Opal Tapes (2020)

Growing, dying and growing again, we move from one experience to another, one connection to another, from one disintegration to another.

The final track from All Lanes Of Lilac Evening by Siavash Amini & Saåad takes its title from one of Heraclitus’ ideas, “Ever-newer waters flow on those who step into the same rivers”, and the album as a whole is a testament to the two musicians ability to craft a resplendently fluid and organic river of sound.

This is an album of many colours: oranges, purples, dark blues, which continuously bleed and blur into each other.

Highlights keep on coming. ‘Disruptive Emptiness’ is majestic. It soars and reaches out to beyond the cosmos. This track will definitely appeal to any admirers of Tim Hecker.



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Ryan Hooper

Ryan Hooper


Heavy Cloud | Sounds | Art | Press | Inspired by memory and internal and external landscapes