At Home With​.​.​.​(​songs for solitude) Vol. 06 by James A. McDermid

At Home With​.​.​.​(​songs for solitude) Vol. 06 (La Petite Chambre Records)

This is emotive music with hope still beating strong in its heart, despite the dark clouds of despair surrounding it.

We could be walking and listening to birdsong or chiming bells, the wind shifting, fresh water whirling, a blanket of trees waving, or even the earth reverberating. Perhaps even our own voices contemplating.

Before a break, a quiet in the storm appears and time slowly ebb-ebbs away to allow us to pause and be back in a place similar to the Graves poem: “to sprawl in a rock’s shelter” and watch and wait and wonder, while the sun drowsily blinks.

An earworm drone snakes its way through a shifting labyrinth laden with shards of noise extracted from the ether — perhaps of the mind and memory, too.

This track has a huge weight to it; an emotional heaviness. But we never totally fear we will be pulled completely under and get taken away by the waves. We’re floating, we drift, but by the time stars shimmer midway through, the track shape-shifts once more: we feel the walls begin to push back — we can see sky again. We can breathe again.



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Ryan Hooper

Ryan Hooper

Heavy Cloud | Sounds | Art | Press | Inspired by memory and internal and external landscapes