Illuminating the Horizon

James A. McDermid — Post Tenebras Lux

Self-released | December 2021 |Digital | Bandcamp

Jame A. McDermid — Post Tenebras Lux

Slow brushstrokes of silent light push through layers of haunting darkness. Highly emotive and atmospheric.

This latest EP from James A. McDermid inhabits a personal world that links back to their previous stellar ambient and experimental projects and also could serve as a bridge to possible future works.

Fallow Recordings

Ishmael Cormack and various artists | Digital and CD | Bandcamp

Pie Are Squared — Souvenir Store Gimbri

Fallen Moon Recordings | February 2022 | Digital | Bandcamp

Pie Are Squared — Souvenir Store Gimbri

Florina Cassettes

Lamasz and Grandbruit, Sebby Kowal | Digital and Cassette | Bandcamp

black_ops — ephemere

Anticipating Nowhere Records | February 2022 | Digital and Cassette | Bandcamp

Coming up

These are two upcoming releases that I am looking forward to listening to.

Simon McCorry — The Failure of Accuracy

Shimmering Moods | Digital and CD | Bandcamp

Movements of a Cloud — Minimal Drone GRL and Belial Pelegrim

Bricolage | Digital | Bandcamp



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Ryan Hooper

Ryan Hooper

Heavy Cloud | Sounds | Art | Press | Inspired by memory and internal and external landscapes